Focus on: TUPE and redundancy half day workshop 

Indicative course content (tailored to audience requirements and business need):


  • The distinction between redundancy and other forms of dismissal explained
  • Fair dismissal procedures for redundancy
  • TUPE - what is a ‘transfer’ and what is an ‘undertaking’?
  • TUPE - who goes over on transfer and who does not?
  • TUPE - the statutory obligations explained in relation to consultation with and informing employees of the effects of the transfer, as well as the duty to provide the transferee with liability information
  • TUPE - what exactly transfers?
  • TUPE - what are potentially fair dismissals for 'economic, technical or organisational reasons'
  • The Government’s ‘rescue culture’ approach explained
  • TUPE - the costs of getting this complex process wrong.

Who is the course for?


  • HR professionals with responsibility for change management and organisational development.
  • HR professionals who have responsibility for the management of redundancies or TUPE.
  • Transactions and wish to have this complex area of law de-mystified when contemplating
  • Mergers and/or acquisitions.
  • Managers overseeing the process of redundancy or transfer of parts of businesses or entire undertakings.

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