Robust and compliant employment contracts

Employers must provide their employees with a written statement of their terms and conditions of employment within 8 weeks of commencement. Certain key information must be provided in a single document such as salary, dates of employment, job title and holiday entitlement. A contract of employment serves to protect your business and to regulate the employment relationship. Their primary purpose in employment law is to determine continuity of employment, and the rights your employees are legally entitled to.

Are your contracts of employment up to date and compliant?  We can revise and update as required, and introduce new elements as required.  What if you want to change or vary terms? This requires very careful handling if breach of contract or constructive dismissal claims are to be avoided. We can draft those legally complex restrictive covenants controlling activities post-employment. 

Employer handbook and policies

A staff handbook, or suite of policies is important to communicate the responsibilities staff have towards your business and clients. This will cover how the business manages people issues such as harassment, discrimination and absence, and the employment rights employees may be entitled to. Once established, we work with you to deliver your policies to staff, and implement them. This is crucial to show a business has acted fairly in accordance with a set of policies and procedures, which can be invaluable for an employer facing an employment tribunal claim.
Policies must be carefully drafted to ensure understanding of explicit, implied terms and discretionary terms. We will work with you to establish current custom and practice and give pragmatic advice to provide a workable suite of policies. 

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