Nigel French & Associates Limited 

GDPR Commitment Statement

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018 and will supersede the current Data Protection Act 1998. GDPR will impact all organisations that control or process personal data in the UK and across the EEA. It will grant data subjects a range of new rights, giving them more control over how their data is used. 

Nigel French & Associates Limited, with the registered UK address: 18, The Bartlet, Undercliff Road East, Felixstowe, Suffolk IP11 7SN is committed to high standards of information security, data privacy, and transparency, and to managing data in accordance with legislation and regulation, including but not limited to GDPR.

As a data processor and controller, Nigel French & Associates Limited are undertaking assessments of the data and personal information processed, security policies and procedures. 

Where do we stand?

To ensure our readiness for GDPR, we are evaluating new requirements and restrictions imposed by GDPR and will take any action necessary to ensure that we handle all data stored both online and offline in compliance with the applicable law. 

Nigel French & Associates Limited are committed to complying with GDPR obligations for processing data, carrying out services on behalf of clients and for marketing. As a company we are approaching GDPR compliance on five main fronts:

  1. To ensure our own compliance as a Company that holds and processes people’s personal data.
  2. To ensure that our programs, software applications and service solutions are GDPR compliant.
  3. Ensure that our employees and consultants are fully aware of the new obligations that GDPR will introduce, and ensure that there is accountability and shared responsibility for ensuring compliance throughout the company.
  4. Nigel French & Associates will undertake a review of supplier and third party contracts and arrangements to ensure that all of our partners continue to apply the same high standards of data protection.
  5. We have specific procedures and a response plan for dealing with data breaches and acknowledge our obligations where necessary to report this to the ICO within 72 hours. Our specific internal first line of response and contact is Lydia French, Director at  

What's Next?

Nigel French & Associates will continue to make additional required operational changes resulting from the new legislation, and will keep our clients, and necessary regulatory authorities informed throughout this process. We continue to review our physical and cyber security systems and procedures to allow us to assess compliance within the scope of GDPR.

We have an internal appointed GDPR lead, Lydia French, Director, who continue to monitor GDPR, and who will continue to inform our strategy for GDPR. If you have any questions in relation to GDPR compliance at Nigel French & Associates Limited please email